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AIP Mechanics Network


The mechanicís AIP, Authorized Installer Program, is where we teach business etiquette, principle, theory and application of How2SaveFuelís Hydrogen on Demand systems and the proper installation on vehicles.  We then provide a Certificate of Authorized Installer, and you can use this to earn additional income from a specialized field of automotive enhancement.

The course is geared to those with technical savvy, and should be completed within 5 days depending on your knowledge and learning abilities.  The first day would consist of verbal and visual techniques and training.  The second day you would assist on installations.  You will progress to a point where you would be doing installations on your own.  To complete the course you will have to complete 5 successful installations alone.  Then, after a written test, you will receive your Certificate.

You will become part of our team and group of mileage seekers that will excel in the new and rapidly expanding hydrogen age.  As part of this team, you will have access to privileged information and the support that you need along with all the newest updates on this technology. We will form an alliance wherein we provide the knowledge and informational updates needed, and we forward customer installation and purchases leads to you through Email.  In exchange, you guarantee alliance to only purchase and sell from How2SaveFuel. To this end, there are documents to sign including Terms & Agreements, Confidentiality, Non-Circumvention and Independent Contracting.  These are boiler plate documents that protect both parties and insure non competition and prevent release of privileged or patented information.

You will receive a listing on our website, as an authorized installer, where people will be able to click on and set up an appointment to install and or purchase our Hydrogen on Demand systems at your location or ours. We will provide internet banners, text links, and text ads, HTML page ads and custom links along with access to our branding logos, banners, websites and resources, all for your use.

All in all, you will not be able to find anything like this anywhere in our industry.  You will be at the leading edge of the upcoming hydrogen age.

If you would like to sign up for this school, please email us at AIP@how2savefuel.com.

We will send you the application papers and upcoming available dates. This is a very popular program and the wait time can be more than a month. Please be patient until we transfer to a larger facility.

Happy Mileage, 

Alex Rivera


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